The Youth Leaders of Tomorrow Project offers youth several different ways to participate and get active.

Civic Participation

Seek ways for youth to get more involved in their local communities. Whether it be at your school, your local community association or public life.  We all have a role to play in our society!

Financial Literacy

Having a basic understanding on how to make informed decisions with money is a must for all youth.   Workshops will be designed help youth develop this essential skill.


Youth Conferences

We will be hosting a Youth Conference (KNOWLEDGE IS POWER) in middle of 2020.  Please keep follow us for more information.  This event will allow the youth across the Greater Montreal area to come together  for a day of reflection and development.


Black History Events

The project will actively promote Black History & Black History Month Activities.  It is important that the participants have exposure to the positive contributions that are made by Black People.


Mentorship & Employment

Mentorship – Employment Assistance

The project will provide Mentors from the community to provide guidance and support for the youth participants to help them reach their goals and open their eyes to different opportunities.  We will also provide support for participants who are seeking employment to gain work experience.



Entrepreneurship & Development

We believe that all youth should have an introduction on how to start up a business and the resources that are available to them.  Developing entrepreneurial skills is something that the youth can carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Online Support

Many of our workshops and activities will be streamed LIVE on our social media networks. These recordings will be available later online.  This will allow the maximum amount of youth to keep in contact with us and use our resources.  Follow Us.